picoos-micro  1.xxxx
picoos-micro - μ-layer for pico]OS

Table Of Contents


This library contains miscellaneous routines built on pico]OS pico & nano layers.


Microsecond delay:

Implementation of microsecond delay using a spin-loop. Depending on CPU it uses either simple delay loop or hardware timer.

UosFile API

Filesystem api which allows mounting different filesystems into directory tree. This API provides also support for integrating newlib stdio features.

FAT filesystem:

Implementation of FAT filesystem from elm-chan. Integrated into UosFile filesystem API.

ROM filesystem:

Simple ROM filesystem. Simple array of filenames contains pointers to file data in flash memory.

Ring buffer/mailbox

Implementation of ring buffer that can be used also as mailbox.

Generic SPI bus

Simple interface to implement SPI bus that can be shared between tasks.