picoos-micro  1.xxxx
#define _FS_READONLY   1
#define UOSCFG_MAX_MOUNT   2
#define UOSCFG_FAT   10
#define UOSCFG_FAT_MMC   1
#define UOSCFG_FS_ROM   2
#define UOSCFG_RING   1
#define UOSCFG_SPI_BUS   1

Detailed Description

Macro Definition Documentation


#define _FS_READONLY   1

Compile FAT FS with readonly support for smaller code size.



Select version of uosSpinUSecs to be included:

  • 0: Don't include uosSpinUSecs,
  • 1: Use hardware timer to implement uosSpinUSecs (works well only if system clock is fast enough),
  • 2: Use delay loop (works well for msp430 for example).


#define UOSCFG_MAX_MOUNT   2

Configure number of mounted filesystems.



Configure number of open files. If > 0 file system layer is enabled.


#define UOSCFG_FAT   10

Enable FAT filesystem and configure number of simultaneously open files.


#define UOSCFG_FAT_MMC   1

Enable MMC layer for FAT filesystem. User application must implement uosMmc_SPI* functions to access actual hardware.


#define UOSCFG_FS_ROM   2

Enable romFS filesystem and configure number of simultaneously open files.



Compile syscall implementations for newlib. This allows use of stdio functions to access Pico]OS filesystems.


#define UOSCFG_RING   1

Compile ring buffer support.


#define UOSCFG_SPI_BUS   1

Compile generic SPI bus layer.